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Alternative Music Reviews & Recommendations


Sift through the unending sprawl of alternative music. Pore over Top 10 lists teeming with amazing recommendations, and weigh up new releases by these thorough, in-depth, critical reviews.
  1. Latest Album Reviews
  2. Other Album Reviews
  3. Top 10 Lists by Year
  4. Top 10 Lists by Record Label
  5. Top 10 Lists by Genre
  6. Definitive Albums: 1960s
  1. Definitive Albums: 1970s
  2. Definitive Albums: 1980s
  3. Definitive Albums: 1990s
  4. Definitive Albums: 2000s
  5. DVD Reviews
  6. Book Reviews

Latest Album Reviews

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 'Before Today'

The latest longplayers put under the unwavering critical scalpel. Learn which records are worthy of the hype, which are best avoided, and why.

Other Album Reviews

Vampire Weekend 'Contra'

Notable records from the recent past, run-over and reviewed to within an inch of their longplaying life.

Top 10 Lists by Year

Animal Collective 'Merriweather Post Pavilion'

Swiftly seize upon the indie realm's most prized specimens with these categorically categorizin' Top 10 lists.

Top 10 Lists by Record Label

Sub Pop Records

Carefully-vetted lists of the very best records released by some of alternative music's most important record labels.

Top 10 Lists by Genre

Guided by Voices 'Bee Thousand'

The albums that defined a style, a sound, or a scene; the benchmarks upon which genres were built.

Definitive Albums: 1960s

The Monks 'Black Monk Time'

The radical records that broke the mold, moved music forward, and influenced generations of musicians.

Definitive Albums: 1970s

Vashti Bunyan 'Just Another Diamond Day'

Underground music continues to mutate in strange and unexpected ways. Studio-recording becomes its own art-form. Punk starts a revolution.

Definitive Albums: 1980s

Young Marble Giants 'Colossal Youth'

In the independently-minded '80s, alternative music came of age. A conservative political era inspired radical records whose rage still inspires to this day.

Definitive Albums: 1990s

My Bloody Valentine 'Loveless'

The '90s found 'alternative music' turned into a depressing major-label commodity. Yet, during this grey age, these technicolor classics proved that there were still sonic frontiers yet unexplored.

Definitive Albums: 2000s

Boredoms 'Vision Creation Newsun'

Alternative music rewrites itself into radical new shapes. Genres are blurred. The notion of the 'band' is rewritten. The internet levels the playing field.

DVD Reviews

Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

Alternative music on screen. From concert-films, to investigative documentaries, to oddities from strange musical frontiers.

Book Reviews

Ian Svenonius 'The Psychic Soviet'

The alternative music library, from autobiography and hagiography, to longform criticism and underground zines.

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