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Language of Stone Records Profile


Language of Stone Records Profile
Founded in: 2007, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Key Acts: Festival, Mythical Beast, Mountain Home, Sharon Van Etten

Language of Stone is a record label helmed by Greg Weeks, a solo psychedelic songsmith and member of the acid-folk outfit Espers, and his wife Jessica, a member of Woodwose.

Produced and distributed by Chicago's iconic, oddball imprint Drag City, Language of Stone has the feeling of an intimate, sound-specific imprint. The Weeks have swiftly assembled an impressive array of albums, with a discography that can quite easily be grouped into the freak-folk movement.

Singularity of Aesthetic

Language of Stone stands out amongst other labels for the singularity of its aesthetic. Greg Weeks personally courts, collaborates with, and records almost every LP LOS releases. Working in his Hexham Head studio, Weeks has nothing but vintage valve gear and records entirely in analogue. Combined with his penchant for folk-revival records and early '70s psychedelia, and there's a similar kind of tone (and/or 'vibe') resounding throughout their catalogue.

"When you have one person designing the roster there has to be some through-line linking the bands," Weeks confessed, in an interview with the Amoeba Records' blog.

Language of Stone is also notable for the stylistic similarities of many of its acts. Whilst Mythical Beast and Heavy Hands border on metal, almost, the rest of the roster is largely populated by folkie ladies, including harmony-happy sister-act Festival, Israeli siren Noa Babayof, melancholy songwriter Sharon Van Etten, pastoral moodist Orion Rigel Dommisse, and Mountain Home, the side-project for neo-folk princess Marissa Nadler.

This aesthetic continuity and the obvious sense of community amongst its acts has lead Language of Stone to quickly earn its own cult following.

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