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Record Labels

A look at the record labels behind some of alternative music's most important and innovative albums. From home-run presses to major-label boutiques, we chronicle the iconic names that've carved out their own aesthetic identities through the records they've released.

Slumberland Records Profile
Discover the Washington, DC label's two impressive decades of twee.

Thrill Jockey Records Profile
Profile of Chicago's influential independent label Thrill Jockey.

Language of Stone Records Profile
Profile of the Espers-helmed Language of Stone label, which catalogues a cornucopia of psych-folk wonder.

Constellation Records Profile
Chronicle of Canadian post-rock powerhouse Constellation Records.

Paw Tracks Profile
Profile of Paw Tracks, the label helmed by the members of Animal Collective.

Kill Rock Stars Profile
Profile of the long-running, fiercely-independent Pacific Northwest imprint, from riot-grrrl beginnings to its rebirth in Portland.

Record Label Profile: Merge
Chronicle of the surprising rise of North Carolina's long-running independent label Merge Records.

Record Label Profile: Matador
A traipse through the history of New York's venerable mega-indie, Matador Records.

Record Label Profile: Hardly Art
Profile of Sub Pop's recently-minted 'sister' label Hardly Art.

Record Label Profile: Factory
Chronicle of the rise and fall of Manchester's legendary Factory Records, home to Joy Division, New Order, the Happy Mondays and more.

Record Label Profile: Sub Pop
In-depth historical profile of the influential, (semi-)independent Seattle label.

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