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Interview: Sean Smith of We Were Promised Jetpacks
The young Scottish guitar-rockers talk drinking 'til you hit the gay bars with the Twilight Sad, and the scourge of being called "Scottish Emo."

Interview: Joel Thibodeau of Death Vessel
The gentle folkie with the high, high voice colors in his pre-Sub Pop musical backstory.

Interview: Nico Muhly
Nico Muhly talks Coldplay's lack of originality, Nicole Kidman's "botox-ass'd face", and working with Antony, Björk, Will Oldham, and Sam Amidon.

Interview: Rostam Batmanglij and Wes Miles of Discovery
On (brief) hiatus from their Vampire Weekend/Ra Ra Riot day-jobs, the Discovery duo talk of embracing Auto-Tune, buzzy synths, and inevitable backlash.

Interview: Stuart Murdoch of God Help the Girl
The B&S frontman talks of his 'story set to music,' his other band's history, and how there weren't any decent records released in the '90s.

Interview: Isobel Campbell
Isobel Campbell, the one-time belle of Belle & Sebastian's twee-pop ball, talks about her true labour of love: a second collaboration with Mark Lanegan.

Interview: Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls
Parenthetical Girls' album 'Entanglements' is an ambitious, impressive orchestral epic. Here, frontman Zac Pennington spills the beans on its making.

Interview: Max Tundra
An entertaining chat with the London electro-pop midget about death, drugs, Amy Winehouse, and Coldplay lyrics.

Interview: Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear
Daniel Rossen talks his Elvis-obsessed childhood, mimicking Nick Drake, Department Of Eagle's dark songs, and the joyousness of 'Veckatimest'.

Interview: Emily Haines of Metric
The chatty Metric frontwoman talks sad songs, Canadian socialism, and music-industry exploitation.

Interview: Dean Wareham
The longtime Luna frontman dishes the dirt on his rock'n'roll memoir 'Black Postcards.'

Interview: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver
The woolly Wisconsinite discusses his blessed 2008, whether he's actually ever read Thoreau, and his skillz on the basketball court.

Interview: Eric Earley of Blitzen Trapper
Portland's Blitzen Trapper play a peculiar brand of Americana, and their leader has particular thoughts on the state of America itself.

Interview: Jenny Wilson
The Swedish starlet explains how, artistically, motherhood and war go hand-in-hand.

Interview: Paul Thomson and Bob Hardy of Franz Ferdinand
After the success of their debut record, Franz Ferdinand found themselves in interesting company: Hulk Hogan, James Brown, and The Nanny.

Interview: Jason Pierce of Spiritualized
A conversation with the rock-n-roll saint about near-death experiences, the reformation industry, and the power of music.

Interview: Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai
The guitarist of the Scottish post-rock heroes is howling.

Interview: Aaron Dessner of The National
Aaron Dessner knows charity compilation CDs are awful. His one, 'Dark Was the Night,' thankfully is not.

Interview: Spiral Stairs
Spiral Stairs talks about his forthcoming solo debut on Matador, and the possibilities of a Pavement reunion.

Interview: Luke Temple of Here We Go Magic
"There’s a lot of possibility and wonderment in the music, and, to me, that alludes to this idea of magic."

Interview: John Eriksson of Peter Bjorn and John
John Eriksson compares PB&J's hit single Young Folks to "a lucky star in a computer game."

Interview - Ryan McPhun of The Ruby Suns
Ryan McPhun of globe-trotting Kiwi combo The Ruby Suns spills the beans on their internationalist pop.

Interview: Randy Randall of No Age
In the wake of an unexpectedly successful 2008, the No Age guitar-slinger talks Barack, bootlegging, crowd-surfing, and Grammy nominations.

Interview: Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog
The frontman for Philly's goodtime retro-pop jamboree talks life on the road, vintage volume knobs, and whether he's really living the rock'n'roll dream.

Interview: Chris Reimer of Women
The frontman of the noisy Canadian quartet breaks down their experimental, all-analogue aesthetic.

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