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History of Alt / Indie Music

School's In: Indie 101. A comprehensive rock-n-roll chronology from the very first rumblings of alternative music, highlighting the groundbreaking records and most influential artists. Discover the key figures who shaped underground sound.

Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album
Every year, the Best Alternative Grammy is confusing. When you look at the history of the award, and every nominee, it grows downright bewildering.

Guide to the 56th Grammys Best Alternative Album Nominees
Normally, the Best Alternative Album nominees are confusing, bizarre, and inexplicable. But with Neko Case, The National, and Vampire Weekend on the 2014 docket, the 56th Grammys feel weirdly... decent!

Mercury Music Prize
The annual British prize for the best album of the year was the original 'on the basis of artistic merit' award.

2013 Mercury Music Prize Nominees
From David Bowie to Savages, we cast our eye over the nominees for the 2013 Mercury.

Polaris Music Prize
Year after year, Canada's Polaris Music Prize gives an album-of-the-year gong based solely on artistic merit.

2013 Polaris Music Prize Short List Guide
From Purity Ring to Godpseed You! Black Emperor, Metz to Metric, it's a look at the contenders and pretenders for Canadian music's biggest prize (and cheque).

Guide to the 55th Grammys Best Alternative Album Nominees
The 2012-13 nominees for the Best Alternative Album Grammy are, as ever, very confusing.

2012 Mercury Prize Guide
Let's look through the incredibly bland field of 2012 Mercury nominees, in search of a worthy winner.

2012 Polaris Music Prize Short List Guide
Let's survey those in the running for 2012 Canadian album of the year.

2011 Mercury Prize Guide
From unit-shifting soul-belters to electronic experimenters, the 2011 Mercury Prize is again ridiculously unpredictable.

2011 Polaris Music Prize Short List Guide
The ever-credible Polaris Music Prize unveils their ten contenders for 2011's oversized novelty cheque.

Guide to the 52nd Grammys' Best Alternative Album Nominees
The Grammy Award nominees are always baffling, especially in the 'Best Alternative Music Album' category.

J Mascis Kicks Lou Barlow Out of Dinosaur Jr
When the Dinosaur Jr honcho obtusely let his bassplayer go, Barlow turned around and aired his grievances in a series of Sebadoh songs.

Alternative Music 101 - Are 'Alternative' and 'Indie' the Same Thing?
We debate the question that has plagued mankind for centuries: what do 'alternative' and 'indie' actually really mean? And is it just the same thing?

Alternative Music 101 - Your FAQ Primer
Your guide to the confusing basics of Alternative Music. Just remember: there are no dumb questions, only answers

2008 Grammy Alternative Nominees Form-Guide
Just between me and you and a worldwide television viewing audience of 2 billion people, the Grammys have naught to do with good music.

Alt History: Spiritualized Play World's Highest Ever Show
Never one for subtle symbolism, Jason Pierce commands his space-cadets up all 144 storeys of Toronto's CN Tower.

Alt History: The Sex Pistols Play Manchester
40 people were there, 4000 claim they were. A look at one of the most legendary, influential gigs in modern music history.

Alt History: Lou Reed Releases 'Metal Machine Music'
In 1975, Lou Reed released one of the strangest, most confronting, most misunderstood records in rock history.

Alt History: Pitchfork Reviews Jet's 'Shine On'
When urination says it all for the retro-rock generation.

Alt History: Kurt Cobain wears Daniel Johnston T-Shirt to VMAs
Back in 1992, what t-shirt you wore really mattered.

Alternative Music History: Suicide's 23 Minutes Over Brussels
A riot breaks out, a bootleg is recorded, a mythical show is born.

Guide to the 53rd Grammys' Best Alternative Album Nominees - 2010 - 2011...
Ahhh, the Grammys. Though theoretically meaningful, it's hard to put much stock in an awards show whose concept of 'Best,' this year, seems far closer to 'Worst': Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Michael Bubl , Train, Susan Boyle, Kenny G, Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, Keith Urban, and Korn are all nominated. Yet, in our old pal Field 5: Category...

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