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From Garage Rock to Post-Rock, Freak-Folk to Twee, our comprehensive breakdown of alternative music's manifold genres helps makes sense of the stickerings.

Genre Profile: Math-Rock
The staunchly-punk, time-signature-juggling, nerdy instrumentalist mayhem of math-rock.

Genre Profile: Chillwave
Chillwave Genre Profile - What is Chillwave Music?

Genre Profile - Twee
A back-to-basics primer on the indie-est of indie genres, in all its guitar-jangling, cardigan-clad, 7"-swapping glory.

Alternative Music 101 - Genre Guide
Don't know your shoegaze from your space-rock? Your twee from your C86?

Genre Profile: Shoegaze
A historical look at the guitar-driven "fluff on the needle" sound that set London alight in the late-'80s and early'-90s.

Genre Profile: Riot Grrrl
Chronicle of the riot grrrl movement's furious surge in the early 1990s.

Genre Profile: Freak-Folk
A look at the recent folk-revival revivalists who've redreamt the imaginary hippy utopia for the new century.

Genre Profile: Lo-Fi
Crack out your Shrimper cassettes! It's a history lesson in the lo-fi movement.

Genre Profile: Post-Rock
A look at the ragged instrumentalists and jazz-schooled dorks that've made up post-rock's wordless movement.

Genre Profile - Krautrock
To English ears, the psychedelic, progressive, cosmic sound of early-'70s West Germany heralded a brave new sound: krautrock.

Genre Profile - Slowcore
Slow, quiet, sad, introspective, pretty: a look at those fearless slowcore rebels who first dared to not-rock.

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