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Articles Index

Moonface 'Julia with Blue Jeans On'

On his third Moonface LP, Spencer Krug spills his peculiar, particular lyricism over solitary piano.

Of Montreal 'Lousy with Sylvianbriar'

Ditching the twitchy glam-funk and sex-talk, the 12th Of Montreal laces weary county-psych with bitter lyrics.

Cass McCombs 'Big Wheel and Others'

Cass McCombs sprawling double-album feels far more like a slog than a joy.

Luke Temple 'Good Mood Fool'

On his fourth solo LP, Here We Go Magic's leader joyously chases oddball ideas and '80s-pop pastiche.

Mazzy Star 'Seasons of Your Day'

17 years after their last LP, Mazzy Star return, sounding like no one but themselves.

Braids 'Flourish // Perish'

The more-electronic second LP for Braids is another trance-out in repetitious figures and inscrutable moods.

Franz Ferdinand 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action'

Once famed for their uptight rhythms, Franz Ferdinand sound relaxed on their poppy fourth LP.

Volcano Choir 'Repave'

The second Volcano Choir LP inches closer to the second Bon Iver LP, repaving post-rock with golden vocals.

Sebadoh 'Defend Yourself'

Sebadoh's first album since the '90s is indie-rock loud, proud, and cleaner-sounding.

Nedelle Torrisi 'Nedelle Torrisi'

After the breakup of Cryptacize —and her relationship— Nedelle Torrisi gracefully finds her soft-rock way.

Young Galaxy 'Ultramarine'

'Ultramarine' is populated by young dreamers dealing with the sadness of growing up.

No Age 'An Object'

No Age's fourth album explores unexpected soundscapes, using noise as a compositional tool.

Julia Holter 'Loud City Song'

'Loud City Song' finds the Los Angeles composer writing songs for the metropolis.

Definitive Albums: Swans 'Children of God' (1987)

Swans' monstrous 1987 double-LP found the abrasive noiseniks fashioning an epic symphony of dread.

Julianna Barwick 'Nepenthe'

Julianna Barwick recorded her 4th LP in Iceland, but it sounds like it was made on a cloud.

Definitive Albums: Boards of Canada 'Music Has the Right to Children' (1998)

The debut Boards of Canada LP was an evocative study of fading technology and fading memories.

Jenny Hval 'Innocence Is Kinky'

Her dramatic second solo LP finds Hval exploring sexuality and humanity over beautiful, experimental arrangements.

David Lynch 'The Big Dream'

The director-turned-musician's second LP boasts buzzing-fly bar-blues that doesn't measure up to his cinema.

Autre Ne Veut 'Anxiety'

Drawing from R&B and karaoke, Arthur Ashin belts out an obnoxious, yet sincere, take on breakup ballads.

Surfer Blood 'Pythons'

The second Surfer Blood record is darker and slicker, but its joyous indie-rock seems somehow joyless.

Majical Cloudz 'Impersonator'

Devon Welsh will sign for you. On the third Majical Cloudz LP, Welsh's voice rings out amidst haunted minimalist.

The Knife 'Shaking the Habitual'

Where once they smuggled darkness into steel-pan-dappled pop, now The Knife just sound disturbing.

Sigur Rós 'Kveikur'

Be gone wafty elfin ambience! On their 7th LP, Sigur Rós sound noisy, angsty, and aggressive.

Austra 'Olympia'

The second LP for the electro Canadians is a heartachin' dancefloor odyssey, brilliantly produced and powerfully sung.

Boards of Canada 'Tomorrow's Harvest'

At the end of a breadcrumb trail of cryptic clues, 'Tomorrow's Harvest' turns out to be BOC's most ambient LP.

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