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Wolf Parade Summer Tour

Come Wit It Now! Wolves On Parade...


Wolf Parade Summer Tour
Meqo Sam Cecil

Wolf Parade, Montréal's mightiest quartet, are prepping for the Sub Pop release of their second album, At Mount Zoomer, in June. By July, the concerned citizens of North America will have ample opportunity to witness the tunes of Zoomer being reproduced live, with the combo clocking up some serious touring miles through much of summer.

The Wolves Run:
July 7: Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac MI
July 8: House of Blues, Chicago IL
July 9: First Avenue, Minneapolis MN
July 12: Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver Canada
July 13: Sub Pop 20th, Redmond WA
July 15: Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR
July 17: Fillmore, San Francisco CA
July 18: Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles CA
July 19: Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles CA
July 20: Cane's, San Diego CA
July 21: Rialto Theater, Tucson AZ
July 24: Palladium Ballroom, Dallas TX
July 25: La Zona Rosa, Austin TX
July 26: Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge LA
July 28: Variety Playhouse, Atlanta GA
July 29: Disco Rodeo, Raleigh NC
July 30: Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA
July 31: Terminal Five, New York NY
August 2: Paradise, Boston MA
August 3: Metropolis, Montreal Canada
August 9: Koolhaus, Toronto Canada

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