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Sub Pop - Alternative and Indie Music - About.com
The roots to Sub Pop —or Subterranean Pop, as it then was— go all the way back to 1979, when Bruce Pavitt began his photocopied punk-rock fanzine of the  ...
Top 20 Sub Pop Albums - Best Ever Albums on Sub Pop Records
For the first decade or so of its existence as a full-time record label, it seemed that Seattle's Sub Pop Records was going to be synonymous with grunge. Sub Pop ...
Top 20 Indie Record Labels of All Time - Alternative and Indie Music
Their two major additions of the '00s were Canadian power-pop combo The New Pornographers ... Sub Pop will forever be the label that gave the world grunge.
Sub Pop Records Profile - Music Careers - About.com
Sub Pop Records got its start not as a label but as a fanzine dedicated mostly to underground bands in the Northwestern US. The fanzine, Subterranean Pop or ...
Sub Pop Interview - An Interview with Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop
On April Fool's Day, 1988, Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman, having freshly quit their day-jobs, moved into the brand new offices for Sub Pop Records.
Top 10 Independent Pop Record Labels
Sub Pop will forever be tied to the emergence of grunge in the early 1990's out of Seattle, Washington. The label grew out of a fanzine also called Sub Pop and ...
Nirvana Biography - Artist Profile of Nirvana
Recording demos with Jack Endino, the band caught the attention of nascent Seattle label Sub Pop. They agreed to put out Nirvana's debut album. The $606.17 ...
Top 10 Pop Albums of 2007
When it debuted at #2 on the chart in February, 2007, it was the highest debut ever by an album on the legendary Seattle-based label Sub Pop Records.
Top 10 Lo-Fi Albums - The Best Ever Lo Fi Records
New Zealand's bedroom-recording pop oddballs Tall Dwarfs were the first to pioneer lo-fi as a ... The Thermals 'More Parts Per Million' - Sub Pop Records.
Beach House Biography - Artist Profile of Beach House
In 2009, Beach House signed to Sub Pop Records, and the first fruits of that union were 2010's impressive Teen Dream. The album's title, Legrand explained,  ...
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