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Top 20 Sub Pop Albums - Best Ever Albums on Sub Pop Records
No band has been more synonymous with Sub Pop history that Seattle's grunge reprobates Mudhoney, who've essentially served as the label's flagship band ...
Sub Pop Records Profile - Alternative Music - About.com
Other station volunteers included Mark Arm of Green River (and soon to be of Mudhoney), Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, and future Sub Pop co-founder (and ...
The Definitive Alternative Albums Of The 1990s - Alternative Music
The underground explodes to the overground, "alternative" enters the popular lexicon, and new legends are made; from Kurt to Cat Power, Bikini Kill to Neutral  ...
10 Famous Rock Stars' Pre-Fame Bands - Rock Music - About.com
Before Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, and Pearl Jam, bassist Jeff Ament & guitarist Stone Gossard played in Green River with future Mudhoney frontman ...
Top 10 Most Influential Seattle Bands - Rock Music - About.com
The class clowns of the genre, Mudhoney flaunted a messy looseness that guaranteed they'd never be superstars but did result in a series of playful albums that ...
Grunge Rock History and Characteristics - Classic Rock - About.com
The first bands to put one and one together were Green River, Mudhoney and a band that is arguably the best grunge ever, The Melvins (check out the track ...
Habitat Mosaic Skateboarding DVD Video Review
Heath Kirchart has the best song in the video - "If I think", by Mudhoney. His part in the video is memorable because of the energy he has and the way his skating  ...
Review: Melvins = Everybody Loves Sausages
Apr 30, 2013 ... Featuring Mudhoney's Mark Arm on vocals, he delivers admirably over swirling, heavy instrumentals. And again, while Bowie is expected on ...
Why People Collect Vinyl Records - Classic Rock - About.com
... citizens, factory workers, "old hippies", baby boomers, waitresses and rock musicians (Peter Buck - R.E.M., Pat Dinizio - Smithreens, Steve Turner - Mudhoney, ...
Sub Pop Interview - An Interview with Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop
I could say [Mudhoney's] Superfuzz Bigmuff right now, but then I'd say [Fleet Foxes'] Fleet Foxes five minutes from now.” What's the worst record Sub Pop ever  ...
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