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Kill Rock Stars Profile - Alternative and Indie Music - About.com
Kill Rock Stars was founded in 1991 by Slim Moon, a then-23-year-old Montana native who'd relocated to Olympia. Moon hoped to use the imprint to issue ...
Top 10 Kill Rock Stars Albums
Once known for its close association with riot-grrrl, Kill Rock Stars has grown from a bedroom-based operation in the indie stronghold of Olympia, Washington, ...
Top 20 Indie Record Labels of All Time - Alternative and Indie Music
In the early-'90s, in their earliest days, Kill Rock Stars were the label forever associated with riot-grrrl, with a label built around bands bound up in the nascent  ...
Top 10 Riot-Grrrl Records - Alternative and Indie Music - About.com
Huggy Bear 'Taking the Rough with the Smooch' - Kill Rock Stars. Huggy Bear ... Bikini Kill 'The CD Version of the First Two Records' - Kill Rock Stars. Bikini Kill ...
Essential 90s Rock Albums by Women - About.com
... and fearlessness that made Jagged Little Pill the classic it is today. More . Ads . &ensp. &ensp. - Kill Rock Stars. Courtesy Kill Rock Stars. Kill Rock Stars ...
Top 10 Math-Rock Albums - Best Ever Math Rock Records
After math-rock had started to lag as a movement, their Hella debut —issued on Kill Rock Stars sister imprint 5 Rue Christine— provided a fresh shot in the arm ...
Everything You Need To Know About Sleater-Kinney - 90s Rock
Learn about Sleater-Kinney, one of rock's most daring and outspoken trios. ... Kill Rock Stars ... And that's what made the all-female rock trio so memorable.
30 Best New Indie and Alternative Bands of 2012
Oct 30, 2012 ... ... their belts, the Clavin sisters (both former members of Kill Rock Stars combo Mika Miko) have shown prime form in their short career, thus far.
Biographical Profile of Bratmobile - 90s Rock - About.com
Pottymouth, released on indie haven Kill Rock Stars, was an accurate description of Wolfe's fearless, expletive-heavy words. The album became a classic ...
Best Alternative Albums of the 2000s (Top 100 List)
Mixing smart studio-sonics with fierce rock-n-roll basics, Kill the Moonlight kicked Spoon's career into a new gear; was ... The Gossip 'Movement' - Kill Rock Stars.
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