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Top 10 Kill Rock Stars Albums - Alternative Music - About.com
Once known for its close association with riot-grrrl, Kill Rock Stars has grown from a bedroom-based operation in the indie stronghold of Olympia, Washington, ...
Kill Rock Stars Profile - Alternative Music - About.com
Kill Rock Stars was founded in 1991 by Slim Moon, a then-23-year-old Montana native who'd relocated to Olympia. Moon hoped to use the imprint to issue ...
Top 10 Riot-Grrrl Records - Alternative Music - About.com
Huggy Bear 'Taking the Rough with the Smooch' - Kill Rock Stars. Huggy Bear ... Bikini Kill 'The CD Version of the First Two Records' - Kill Rock Stars. Bikini Kill ...
Top 20 Indie Record Labels of All Time - Alternative Music - About.com
The history of Creation Records rolls out like some ripping rock'n'roll read, a salacious narrative that proved a natural for the makers of the .... Kill Rock Stars.
Everything You Need To Know About Sleater-Kinney - 90s Rock
Learn about Sleater-Kinney, one of rock's most daring and outspoken trios. ... Kill Rock Stars ... And that's what made the all-female rock trio so memorable.
Top 10 Math-Rock Albums - Best Ever Math Rock Records
After math-rock had started to lag as a movement, their Hella debut —issued on Kill Rock Stars sister imprint 5 Rue Christine— provided a fresh shot in the arm ...
Essential 90s Rock Albums by Women - About.com
The essential grrrly rock albums of the 1990s. ... Pill the classic it is today. More . Ads. &ensp. &ensp. - Kill Rock Stars. Courtesy Kill Rock Stars. Kill Rock Stars ...
Punk Rock Record Labels - Punk Music - About.com
Founded in 1991, Kill Rock Stars is considered to be label behind the Riot Grrl movement. Bands on the label include Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and Free Kitten.
Record Labels - Alternative Music - About.com
Chronicle of Canadian post-rock powerhouse Constellation Records. Share. Paw Tracks - Paw Tracks ... Kill Rock Stars Profile · Profile of the long-running, ...
Best Alternative Albums of the 2000s (Top 100 List) - Alternative Music
Mixing smart studio-sonics with fierce rock-n-roll basics, Kill the Moonlight kicked Spoon's career into a new gear; was ... The Gossip 'Movement' - Kill Rock Stars.
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