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Mazzy Star So Tonight That I Might See - Review of Mazzy Star's ...
At the opposite end of the spectrum to the sludgy dissonance of grunge, the music made by David Roback and Hope Sandoval was free from distortion, free from ...
The History of Post-Grunge - Rock Music - About.com
A history of post-grunge, a genre of rock music that began in the 1990s, including a time line and a list of essential bands.
Grunge Rock History and Characteristics - Classic Rock - About.com
Grunge 101 - history, description and examples of grunge rock.
Top 10 Most Influential Seattle Bands - Rock Music - About.com
You've heard of "grunge" and the "Seattle sound," but what bands were the most important to the movement? This list counts down the 10 most influential Seattle ...
How to Dress Like a Grunge Goddess - Vintage Clothing - About.com
Dress like a Seattle grunge goddess from the early 1990s with these alternative fashion staples, including flannel, baby doll dresses and Doc Martens.
Easy Song Tabs - Guitar - About.com
Grunge music, although not universally loved, is certainly a great genre of music for the beginner guitarist. Most songs contained only a few chords and were ...
Good Charlotte - Profile of the post-grunge pop-rock band Good ...
They began playing local clubs and eventually caught the attention of the post- grunge band Lit. Good Charlotte were invited to join Lit on a 1999 east coast tour.
Grunge Layer Styles for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
Download a set of grunge layer styles for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements by Shelby Kate Schmitz. These styles will create a worn-out, grungy effect on text ...
Rubber Stamp, Grunge or Distressed Effect in PSE
Learn how to apply a stamp effect to text with Photoshop Elements.The effect can also be used to create a grunge or distressed effect on text or graphics.
Pearl Jam Biography - Rock Music - About.com
Pearl Jam was one of the most influential Seattle grunge bands of the 1990s, but their formation did not come easily. Bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Stone ...
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