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Elliott Smith Biography - Artist Profile of Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith was an American songwriter whose hushed, downcast, ... "When people talk about how I'm all gloom, it makes me feel bad," Smith once lamented,  ...
The Most Infamous Concerts in Alternative Music History
In 2002, Elliott Smith was in a bad place. He and producer Jon Brion had fallen out over Smith's drug intake —copious amounts of crack and heroin, smoked in ...
Elliott Smith Either/Or - Alternative and Indie Music - About.com
No One Says Until it Shows. Elliott Smith's old touring pal, songstress Mary Lou Lord, was the first to make the obvious comparison: the whisper-quiet ...
Grafton Elliot Smith [1871-1937] - About Archaeology
Australian-born British medical anatomist Sir Grafton Elliot Smith was a hyper- diffusionist; and a skilled and ground-breaking anatomist who worked on important ...
Death Cab for Cutie - Alternative and Indie Music - About.com
Having spent that whole summer listening to Elliott Smith's Either/Or, Gibbard had written a set of songs too sad to play in his then-band Pinwheel. Taking his ...
Top 10 K Records Albums - Best Ever Albums on K Records
Lois Maffeo definitely made better records than this —1996's bright sounding, Elliott Smith-collaborating Infinity Plus would be the best— but never again would  ...
Connie Smith Biography - Country Musician Profile
Meet Connie Smith, the latest inductee to the Country Music Hall of Fame. ... Definitive Albums: Elliott Smith 'Either/Or' (1997) · Profile of Connie Francis · Daddy ...
T.S. Eliot A Brief Chronology - Classic Literature - About.com
T.S. Eliot (Thomas Stearns Eliot) was born on September 26, 1888. He would become a ... 1898 T.S. Eliot attended Smith Academy in St. Louis. 1905 T.S. Eliot  ...
Top 10 Kill Rock Stars Albums
Elliott Smith 'Either/Or' (1997). Long before he became some rock'n'roll saint, stuck with self-inflicted stab-wounds to the heart, and even before he wore that ...
George Smith [1840-1876] - About Archaeology
English Assyriologist George Smith spent much of his early years in the British ... Grafton Elliot Smith [1871-1937] · American Civil War: General Edmund Kirby ...
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