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Elliott Smith Biography - Artist Profile of Elliott Smith - Alternative Music
Elliott Smith was an American songwriter whose hushed, downcast, sad-hearted songs won him legions of fans. Drawn from a life of childhood abuse, drug ...
Elliott Smith Either/Or - Alternative Music - About.com
No One Says Until it Shows. Elliott Smith's old touring pal, songstress Mary Lou Lord, was the first to make the obvious comparison: the whisper-quiet ...
The Most Infamous Concerts in Alternative Music History
In 2002, Elliott Smith was in a bad place. He and producer Jon Brion had fallen out over Smith's drug intake —copious amounts of crack and heroin, smoked in ...
Death Cab for Cutie - Artist Profile - Alternative Music - About.com
Having spent that whole summer listening to Elliott Smith's Either/Or, Gibbard had written a set of songs too sad to play in his then-band Pinwheel. Taking his ...
Top 10 K Records Albums - Best Ever Albums on K Records
Lois Maffeo definitely made better records than this —1996's bright sounding, Elliott Smith-collaborating Infinity Plus would be the best— but never again would  ...
Top 10 Kill Rock Stars Albums - Alternative Music - About.com
Elliott Smith 'Either/Or' (1997). Long before he became some rock'n'roll saint, stuck with self-inflicted stab-wounds to the heart, and even before he wore that ...
Grafton Elliot Smith [1871-1937] - Archaeology - About.com
Australian-born British medical anatomist Sir Grafton Elliot Smith was a hyper- diffusionist; and a skilled and ground-breaking anatomist who worked on important ...
The Beatles - I'm So Tired - The story of the classic "White Album" song
John nonchalantly said "Hi." His wife left him immediately. Covered by: Elliott Smith, Alex Chilton, Kasabian, Silverchair, You Am I, Say Hi, Orquesta Mondragón ...
Kill Rock Stars Profile - Alternative Music - About.com
That year, Sleater-Kinney released Dig Me Out, and Elliott Smith Either/Or. Both albums found incredibly positive critical acclaim, and far exceeded the label's ...
Aaliyah Biopic Casts Missy Elliott & Timbaland
Following the casting of Alexandra Shipp as Aaliyah, Chattrisse Dolabaille will portray Missy Elliott and Izaak Smith will appear as Timbaland in the Lifetime ...
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