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Dirty Projectors Biography - Artist Profile of Dirty Projectors
Dirty Projectors are the long-running project of Dave Longstreth. The Brooklyn- based Longstreth synthesizes a huge spectrum of influence —lo-fi, Americana, ...
Dirty Projectors Interview - with Dave Longstreth
Dirty Projectors are the long-running project of Dave Longstreth, a Connecticut- born, Brooklyn-based conceptualist with a fondness for narrative albums, wild ...
Dirty Projectors Interview - An Interview with Dave Longstreth of Dirty ...
Dirty Projectors are the long-running recording project of Brooklyn-based oddball Dave Longstreth. Across seven albums, Longstreth has authored his own ...
Interview - Alternative and Indie Music - About.com
Jul 29, 2009 ... Did you two actually meet playing in Dirty Projectors? Wes Miles: “I played sax for Dave [Longstreth] on a tour in 2004, right around when Getty ...
Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan - Album Review
When describing Swing Lo Magellan as "an album of songs," Dirty Projectors leader Dave Longstreth is trying to make a statement, not state the browbeatingly  ...
Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca - Alternative and Indie Music - About.com
Jun 9, 2009 ... After years of toiling in the shadows of obscurity, Dirty Projectors' time to shine is now.
Vampire Weekend Biography - Full Band History and Profile
Vampire Weekend were born when Koenig and Batmanglij served as multi- instrumentalists in Dirty Projectors, the genre-splattering project of cockeyed crooner ...
Best Records of 2010 - Top Alternative Music Albums of 2010
This song-cycle finds Björk 'playing' the matriarch of a pod of whales, with the cascading harmonies of the Dirty Projectors' dames her children. It's very much a  ...
Jeffrey Lewis Interview - An Interview with Jeffrey Lewis
“Mine was a very different record to the Dirty Projectors'. Black Flag songs are not so big on the content removed from the context, so putting them into this ...
Discovery LP - Review of Discovery's Album LP
Batmanglij and Miles have, it should be noted, both done time in Dave Longstreth's Dirty Projectors; so, when Discovery invites along current DP dame Angel ...
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