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Anthony Carew

Free Music Monday: The Strokes "One Way Trigger"

By January 28, 2013

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Artist: The Strokes
Track: "One Way Trigger"
From: TBA LP
Label: RCA

Yes, it's true. The Strokes are back with a brand new single, "One Way Trigger," and it sounds pretty much exactly like A-ha. "Take On Me," specifically. Only with a more chip-tuney kind of vibe; the song super-twee, trebly, and played on such tinny synths that it sounds rickety, rinky-dink, and like it should be soundtracking an '80s arcade game.

If you thought the Morning Benders becoming bubblegum poppers Pop Etc. pissed their listeners off —or, to be more of-the-moment, if you thought Ra Ra Riot's effervescent synth-pop fluff on Beta Love was a rebellion against how the band were once perceived— you can imagine that a whole bunch of denim-on-denim, "NYC Cops"-lovin', utterly-rockist Strokes fans are feeling somewhere between perplexed and betrayed by this new lark.

But, as standard a move as it is to, circa 2013, make a super shiny take on super-cheesy '80s stadium-synth-pop, there's also an undeniable freshness to "One Way Trigger." Not to mention its deliberate provocation. Not to mention that Julian Casablancas' ultra-high falsetto is worth the price of admission (which is, to repeat, free). Not to mention that, really, being reminded of this video is actually a pretty sweet thing.


January 31, 2013 at 9:34 am
(1) cuchi says:

You’re right on many accounts here, it certainly is a ringer for ‘Take On Me’. I agree there is something fresh here, and despite my reservations as the song started, I found myself sticking with it and not minding it. There’s a good song in there, one I think would be better with a richer sound than the shrill 80s sound can do justice to. It’s funny you say that’s a standard move circa 2013, because it really has been going on for several years now, I’d say at least since 2006, and I feel like going 80s/electro has long gotten stale. I hope more bands start to discover other eras soon.

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