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Anthony Carew

Free Music Monday: Rhosyn "Glass"

By January 21, 2013

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Artist: Rhosyn
Track: "Glass"
From: Elbow Of Capture EP
Label: Blessing Force
Released: February 5, 2013

What hits you first with "Glass" is its amazing smattering of voices. Or voice, singular, really. It's Rose Dagul layering her voice into all kinds of effecting patterns; their choral, contrapuntal elements at play as she builds a humble cathedral from a simple piece of home-recording multi-tracking. The Oxford native (who hails from the same scene as our old pal Chad Valley) is billed as a cellist; but all the scrapes and bows, here, are like scribbled details; her voice maketh the song.

Once you get beyond Dagul's singing, listen to the words. They're the usual pop-song poetry, sure, but they hone in on a very specific feeling: that of getting a little bit older, a bit more cautious, and giving a little more credence to naysayers. And wishing for nothing more than to throw off those feelings, and reconnect with a sense of youthful daring and gay abandon.

"All the mountains that we climbed without fear of death/and all the times that we swam out of our depth," she remembers, the recent past close enough to touch again; the lament finding its sentiments starting to turn as the handclaps pile up. Thereafter, amidst all the tonal vocals and plentiful "woahs," a simple refrain rises up: "we still can!"


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